Frucase 4+5 Watch Winder with touch button (NEW)

  • $329.00

New! This beautiful LCD Panel Control watch winder takes four watch on double watch stand. With a high gloss finish, it is available in black lacquer, with porsche brown leatherette interior and quiet operation. This winder has a classically elegant appearance. 

Size:  30.6 x 18.3 x 32.5 cm

Winds 4 watches on 2 turntables on our new Gear-liked turntable with foam watch pillow(suitable for all watch sizes) Up to 55mm-Adjustable Directions on LCD panel: Clockwise, auto swap or counter-clockwise rotations. 4 TPD Selection (650, 750, 850, 1000)-Individual control each turntable.

Door Sensor Button detect when door opens for easy put on and remove watches- On LCD panel:ON/OFF LED Light. Built in 2 x D Size Battery Compartment-Front see-through windows. Lock with key. Glossy Black Finish Lacqured Exterior and Porsche Brown Leatherette Interior-Drawer for 5 slot watch storage in Drawer. We recommend 650-1000 TPD on all watches-5 slot watch compartment with watch pillow suitable for small and big watches up to 55mm