Automatic Watch Winder Cabinet Case 2+0 Full Carbon

  • $49.90
  • Save $10

  • The internal parts of automatic watches are designed to follow the pull of gravity. Therefore, they don't have gears that must be wound with a spring. Instead, their tiny weights get pulled by gravity as you move and swing your arm, so little by little these weights are twisting around both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until your watch is wound up.
  • Best feature is the open front with a push of a button on the case.
  • Able to see the watches winding when placed in front. Good to showcase in the study room or the living room.
  • Handcrafted wood with covering in smooth full black carbon with red detailing on the watch cushions.
  • Capacity: 2Watches. This winder can be powered with the included AC adapter or the battery back up.
  • Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 16.50 x 17 x 20 CM (appr.)