Mini Purifier Palm Size For Travel and Car (3 Color)

  • $8.50

According to the principle of turbo type structural design, the delicately designed wind wheel, as driven by engine at high speed, can throw off the water evenly from all directions in 360 degrees, so that the dust, smell of cigarettes, bad smell and bacteria will be indrawn into water for decomposition or precipitation.
Due to the rapid collision between water molecules and the wall of the bottle, artificial waterfall can be made so as to generate negative ions.
Drip several drops of natural essential oil and perfume into the water to produce natural aroma so as to make the purified air wet, fragrant, refreshing and clean. 
Moreover, the air will become more nutritional.
Designed for creative people to create high-grade. Lightweight slim, elegant minimalist appearance.
Small size, compact and lightweight. 
This personal humidifier offers portability that is suitable for travel use. Perfect for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Children' room, Car, Home and Office.

Package contents:

1 x purifier
1 x usb cable
1 x user manual