Carbon Fiber Automatic Watch Winder Watch Storage Box

  • $69.90


If you own one or even many mechanical watches with an automatic movement, having a watch winder in the house is a great time-saver. After a couple of days of sitting still, your automatic watch will stop running, leaving you to give it a wind or a shake before setting the time on it and slapping it back on your wrist. The high-end watch winders sold by your local watch boutique can be pretty pricey, but over at Funky Creations we have a wide assortment of winders at wholesale prices.

Fine solid wood construction. Hand polished for high gloss finish.
4 modes of fuzzy-logic computer controlled winding ensures that your watches will be fully wound up and ready to wear anytime, everyday.
Quiet motor (From Japan). 
Runs on 2 x CC batteries or with the AC adapter (provided).


Model: 2 + 0 ( 18 x 18 x 20 cm)
Model: 2 + 3 ( 19 x 24 x 21 cm )
Model: 4 + 0 ( 35 x 18 x 20cm )
Model: 4 + 6 ( 35 x 26 x 22cm )

[Note: model 2+3 refers to 2 winding slot and 3 storage slot]

Maximum face size for each watch: 5 cm

4 selection mode:

o Mode 1: Stop.

o Mode 2: Rotate 2 minutes clockwise. Stop for 6 minutes. Repeat again.

o Mode 3: Rotate 2 minutes anti clockwise. Stop for 6 minutes. Repeat again.

o Mode 4: Rotate 2 minutes clockwise, stop for 6 minutes. Rotate 2 minutes anti clockwise, stop for 6 minutes. Repeat again.

o Mode 5: Rotate 5 minutes clockwise then rotate 5 minutes anti clockwise for 3 hours continuously. Stop for 9 hours. Repeat again.

Package contents:

1 x watch winder
1 x power plug
1 x key ( not applicable for model 2+0)
1 x user manual
1 Year Warranty (Hardware only)

Please take note:
1) Do not use battery and power plug together as this might cause damage to the winder.
2) Avoid using only 1 side of the winder. If you only have 1 automatic watch, rotate the watch from one side to another at least once a week.
3) The newer batch of watch winder has in-built sensor, the winder will stop when the door is opened.